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25 March 2016, Friday

6pm - 9.30pm


Experience our specially curated showcase of innovations at FutureME 2016! Besides trying out and having tonnes of fun with the featured items, you will also be thrilled to know that you can buy some home at event exclusive prices! More details

7pm - 9pm

Theme: How can work feel less like work

Does the mere thought of your job being obsolete in 5 year's time worry you?
Learn to stay relevant and prepare your future self by knowing more about the participation economy at #FutureWORK.


How to be a Big Red Dot
Dylan Soh | TEDx Singapore 2015 Speaker, Illustrator, Avid Questioner

Dylan will remind us all what our dreams and hopes were, and how we moved from a world of yes to maybe to no. Through the story of the Big Red Dot which he co-wrote and illustrated, hopefully, we'll all rediscover our Future Mes again. He will also unveil a new product that he helped develop that could make the world better. How do you develop young Singaporeans to be incredibly confident, articulate, creative, resilient and to dream big? Dylan will reveal how simple it is so that every parent and child can work on it together.


Transforming the Innovation Model
Tim Kobe | Founder and CEO, Eight Inc.

Tim Kobe will explore the transformation of a traditional consulting practice into a design incubation model and discuss how the creative process focused on designing human outcomes will drive innovation in the future.


Enhancing Productivity and Improving Wellbeing with Bio-Sensing Data
Dr. Florence Jennings | CEO & Co-Founder, Detalytics

Workplaces and workforces of the 21st century are changing. They are in transition from mostly human powered environments to machine-human interfaces. As such, human responses to these changes at work are not currently measured objectively, if at all. These impacts and responses affect human health, productivity, engagement and sustainability of people and their jobs.

The advancement of bio-sensing data collection devices (e.g. wearables) allows smart analytics on human capital and human resources previously not achievable - bringing to light staff’s objective responses to their work and helping people optimise their health and work output.

Human analytics is the next frontier for smart and efficient sustainable systems. Our societies are powered by the people who work in industries which we all benefit from (transport, healthcare, defence, education, services, manufacturing, agriculture etc). Ignoring our work readiness levels are both unsafe and unsustainable in the era of sensors, the IoT and advanced analytics.


How On-Demand Distributed Workforce will Push the Next Phase of Growth
Kaiwei Chen | CEO, hasBrain


Productivity Hacks to Stretch Your Time
Varun Mittal | Group Head, Partnership & Marketing, helloPay SEA, Lazada Group

With the large amount of mental energy and time devoted to our professional lives, we need to create the right mind set and adopt the right strategies to not only cope with, but also thrive at the workplace. The right mentality and approach can make all the difference to our work performance, achievements and satisfaction. The main challenge which people face is too much commitment and too little time. Learn how you can use simple decision-making tools like the Eisenhower box to classify tasks at hand and be more productive!


The Future of Commerce
Marcus Tan | Founder, Carousell

What started as an idea to solve their own itch of selling faster on forums like Hardwarezone and Clubsnap in May '12, Carousell has since become the #1 Lifestyle and Shopping App in Singapore. It has also transformed how people participate in commerce. Marcus will share on how Carousell has changed the way we experience commerce and how the future of work is like because of Carousell.


Fire Yourself Before They Fire You
Siti Aishah Zahari | Co-Founder, The Orange Hive

How do we shift our mindset away from the industrial age and into the transformation age? How do we stay hungry, curious, conscious about our everyday work? This is the kind of entrepreneurship-thinking you can apply in everyday office work, household and personal life. This is the future-mindset the average Joe in the workforce needs.

Psst! This is how I stayed ahead in the employment game through innovation.


'For Us' Maximization: A New Way of Thinking, Doing and Sharing
Betty Lim | Everything Director a.k.a Chief Beggar, CrowdPowers Ptd Ltd

Betty will share about how we're in the exciting paradigm shift between 2 vastly distinct (business) cultures: The competitive 'Age of Me' that valued things for what they produced and how we may all crowd actualise a more trusting world in the incoming 'Age of We' that values the application of knowledge through empowerment.

26 March 2016, Saturday

1pm - 7pm


Experience our specially curated showcase of innovations at FutureME 2016! Besides trying out and having tonnes of fun with the featured items, you will also be thrilled to know that you can buy some home at event exclusive prices! More details

3pm - 4pm

Microgreen: Growing your own salad at home [Workshop]

This workshop has been cancelled.

4pm - 6pm

Theme: From Garden City to Edible City

Is our garden city on the right track to becoming an edible garden city?
Be introduced to the first specially built home farm in Singapore and, get helpful DIY tips on growing superfoods with minimum sunlight and creating new plant systems for your home at #FutureLIVE.


The Edible Apartment - 'Growing Nutrition without Land!'
Ben Thum | Innovation Director, NParks CIB Ambassador 2014

Ben creates ‘self-irrigating planters’ from discarded PET bottles and other cheap everyday equipment. Instead of the traditional organic vegetables, he focuses on nutritionally dense superfoods. For those with a bigger balcony or patio, he has a solar powered vertical aquaponics setup that is self-powered, automated and uses minimal floor space. Ben will also share how best to harvest the plants to encourage robust and continual growth; how to store the produce to keep the nutrition intact without refrigeration; and how to prepare / eat the produce so as to derive the most nutrition from them. Finally, he will show how you can grow nutritionally dense superfoods with very little water and practically no sunlight.


From 5C to 5G: Building the Smart (and Wise) Nation from the Ground Up
Muhammad Ibnur Rashad Bin Zainal Abidin | Kampung Scientist of Ground-Up Initiative & Co-inventor of iBam


Urban Farmer
Thomas Lim | Urban Farmer, Edible Garden City


Better Food for a Better World
Linus Lim | Founder & Creative Director, Highrise Habitat


Vertical Aeroponic Gardening - Grow food on your apartment balcony
Thorben Linneberg | Urban Gardener & Founder, Aerospring Gardens Pte Ltd, Singapore


From Edible Garden to Mindful Table. How to become a Mindful Eater.
Pauliina Salmenhaara | Plant-based Chef & Founder, R.A.W. Inside Out

In this talk, embark on a journey of your senses, and experience how easy it is to mindfully savour something as simple as a raisin. Pauliina’s simple DIY tips and tricks for every day eating are based on bringing an awareness not only to what we are eating, but how we are eating it. Ultimately, it’s about completing the journey from making conscious choices as sustainable consumers to becoming a mindful eater. When eating mindfully, we consume less, and enjoy more, saving the ecosystem of both the planet and our own bodies.


Living Architecture, Engineering Sustainable Environments
Stephen Pimbley | Founder & Director, SPARK Architects

SPARK Architects continually explores the potential in the creation of Architecture that grow spaces allowing communities to interact with living spaces. The synergy of a thriving design executed with readily applicable ideas and sustainable methodologies, should be the 'made a priority' principle in design work.


One Kind House
Helen Ng | Mother, Teacher, Wine Lover

The house of 6 uncles and 6 aunts, surrounded by kampungs, where swill was collected in exchange for eggs, and people brought their own bottles for drinks. That was the sustainable circular economy.

What is the 21st century sustainable house?

73 year old Helen will speak of her vision for the house. From urban farming to natural herbs to preserving heirloom recipes. Can a house be a content channel? An incubator? Sustainable? Build a community? Or bring down walls and open doors?

27 March 2016, Sunday

9am - 4pm

FutureME Aerial Race [Event]

Supported by RP Innovations SG

Take an adventure without having to leave the ground at our very own first-person view aerial drone race! Watch 32 racing pilots soar along an event exclusive track layout set against the backdrop of our city skyline. Feast your eyes and fuel your adrenaline at The Float @ Marina Bay!

Sneak peeks into our drone pilots' profiles with videos here! The FutureME Aerial Race 2016 will host contestants from Singapore and around the region.

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1pm - 7pm


Experience our specially curated showcase of innovations at FutureME 2016! Besides trying out and having tonnes of fun with the featured items, you will also be thrilled to know that you can buy some home at event exclusive prices! More details

1pm - 3pm

Vintage Books Upcycling [Workshop]

Do you have tonnes of books on your shelves, squashed into your cabinets, stashed under the coffee table or perhaps have a few residing in your toilet even? Can't bear to throw them away or have no time to read them once more?

Transform your books into functioning clocks at this unique workshop now!

*All materials will be provided for. Each participant will be able to bring 1 upcycled vintage book-clock home.

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1pm - 7pm

Carousell at FutureME Bazaar [Event]

Are you inspired by technology and innovation? Come join us at our Carousell@FutureME Bazaar to seek out the latest tech gadgets and innovative creations by Carousellers! We've got a cosy showcase of 10 awesome Carousellers for you to shop from.

4pm - 6pm

Theme: Play is serious

Did you know that Singapore has some of the most influential players on the global stage?
Be inspired by experiences and the possibilities of carving a seriously 'playful' career out for yourself at #FuturePLAY.


"We need to talk."
Gwen Guo Co-Founder, IMBA Interactive

As a key member of the local games industry, Gwen strongly believes in the power of collaboration and diversity to bring the best out of teams and individuals in the industry. With communication and understanding play, we can create experiences that defy the conventional understanding of what video games are.


To Play or Not to Play?
Ian Gregory Co-Founder and Creative Director, Witching Hour Studios

Games today are everywhere and there has always been a negative connotation surrounding it. But what if games, if chosen well, could be an avenue of learning and expression? Ian intends to take parents and kids alike through what could be a great opportunity to bond and connect with the world in a meaningful way using games as a medium.


Tiny Technologies
Grey Tan | CEO, TinyMOS

Technology gains double every two years. We now have more processing power in our smartphone than the mainframe computers which sent the first humans to the moon. The question then is how are we harnessing this exponential growth in technology to drive exploration and discovery?


Startup Journey: Souschef
Tushar Mohan | CEO & Co-Founder, Souschef


Playing with My Data
Sara M. Watson Technology Critic

We’re using fitness trackers to encourage more active and healthy lifestyles. Our streaming media keeps track of all our favorite movies, music, and products. We’ll only have more touch points for creating data about our entertainment and consumer preferences as we build out the 'Internet of Things' ecosystem. Sara will talk about the innocuous fun of playing with our data, and the more serious implications of how our data can shape and influence our experiences and acts on our behalf in a data-driven economy.


Press Play: A Music Invasion
Inch Chua | COO, Invasion Singapore
Hyder Albar
 | CEO, Invasion Singapore


Virtual Reality: Myths, Facts and Presumptions
Vitaliy Nechaev | Managing Director, Vostokvr (by Delphius Pte Ltd)

There is a definitely a hype about virtual reality and 360 videos. But is it a real thing? How much money do you need to spend to get your first VR headset? What are 360 videos used for? And why is there only 5% of film-makers in the world using it right? 

Vitaliy will try to answer these questions in his short presentation. His movie 'Happyland360' will be also showcased during the event.

4pm - 7pm

Romantic Earl Grey & Rose Tea Soap Soapcrafting [Workshop]

Reuse, reduce, recycle. Refresh, rejuvenate, repair!

Sustainable living meets wellness living in this hands-on soapcrafting workshop! You’ll get to mix and create your very own ultra-moisturising soap using natural ingredients and essences, perfect as a gift or even for a ‘soapy fun time yay’ for yourself! It will also give you the chance to upcycle stuff you might have lying around at home to use as soap moulds.

Participants will need to bring at least 2 containers to use as soap moulds. E.g. Yogurt or pudding cups (most ideal!), drink packets, or even disposable party-ware drink cups. Moulds need to be firm enough to keep the soap in shape, but flexible enough so soap can be removed easily.

*Each participant will be able to bring 1 earl grey & rose goat’s milk tea soap and 1 soap created by self, home. A choice of selected ingredients and essences will be available.

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