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Experience our specially curated showcase of innovations at FutureME 2016! Besides trying out and having tonnes of fun with the featured items, you will also be thrilled to know that you can buy some home at event exclusive prices! Read on for more details…

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25 March: 6pm – 9.30pm
26 & 27 March: 1pm – 7pm
3D Food Printer
by NUS Interactive and Digital Media Institute

Mass food customisation aims to provide food which satisfies an individual’s preference over taste, color, texture and shape, with efficiency and low costs. 3D food printing is a potential solution to overcome drawbacks of traditional food customisation techniques. This project introduces 3D food printer prototypes developed by NUS. It aims to investigate the 3D printing technique with high viscosity materials like cookie dough and frosting to print customised 3D cookie pieces.

by Toy Tag International

3Doodler is a new artist tool; a modern tech tool that works simultaneously like drawing & sculpting. It can translate drawings into actual fashion, arts & craft, architecture, sculptures, product design to household products. Similar to 3D printing, it works without the software; therefore it is a tool/medium to create.

So what else can 3Doodler do? 3Doodler has a huge community trending worldwide, continuously updating with new projects and idea ready to be shared.

by Aerospring Gardens Pte Ltd

The Aerospring is a vertical aeroponic gardening system designed for urban home gardeners who want to grow their own herbs, salads and vegetables in limited space. The system was developed, tested and made in Singapore. It’s sleek, modern design is a healthy complement to any apartment balcony and household.

by NUS Interactive and Digital Media Institute

CozyMaps lets you collaborate with your friends on the same Google Map at the same time. You can share interesting places that you've found with each other, without the need to crowd around one map. You can use your own laptop or tablet, and a large display, and work together with your friends to plan your upcoming trip with ease.

Feiyu Tech 3-axis Gimbals
by ProPlus Singapore

Feiyu Tech is the world's leading manufacturer for gimbals and electronically controlled stabilisers for action cameras. 
Some of their notable models include WG and WGS, the world’s first wearable gimbals for action camera and, handheld gimbals like G4S and MG with 360 degrees rotation on all 3 axises. With the breakthrough in technology and optimisation, the various models of the gimbals have made filming cinematic video footages easier 


Home Hydroponics
by Highrise Habitat

Highrise Habitat is a home grown startup for home grown food. We believe that fresh food is the best food and there is nothing fresher than food we grow ourselves. So we’ve developed a system that allows anyone in Singapore, to easily, conveniently, reliably, grow edible plants and herbs, anywhere.

by Ideas Empire and MediaProAV

Inspired by works of infinity rooms, the Infinicube brings an enhanced experience beyond a single screen with a special FutureME story. Conceptualised by Ideas Empire and audio visual partner, MediaProAV, this creative and fresh experience was first presented at a carpentry-based exhibition booth at Visual Asia Expo 2015.

Kartoni Foosball Table
by Kickpack Singapore

Kickpack is a revolutionary cardboard innovation that transforms flat-packed cardboard into jam-packed fun! 

Made in Germany. Patented worldwide. And Red Dot Design Award winner.

Kartoni is the world's first eco-friendly foosball table! Sturdy, lightweight, affordable. Kartoni is table soccer fun for everyone!

The Kartoni will be available for sale at FutureME 2016. Enjoy an event exclusive discount of up to 10%!

Mini Drone
by RP Innovations SG

A mini drone suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying measuring 6.2cm by 6.2cm. With a 0.3MP HD camera, it is able to take pictures and videos while navigating. This mini drone also has 4CH with LED lights, a 6-axis gyro with calibration function, and is able to operate in numerous directions. These directions and movements include ascending, descending, forward, backward, turning left and right, hovering, flying sideways left and right, and many more.

by Souschef

Souschef is the world’s first multi-functional kitchen-top storage device that makes cooking 'easier'. All necessary spices and herbs can be dispensed at once for a certain recipe at the touch of a button. Souschef also stores and organises your favourite recipes which can be scaled according to the number servings. The onboard smart food scale provides the actual weight of fresh ingredients such as vegetables and meat to adjust the proportion of ingredients accordingly.

by NUS Interactive and Digital Media Institute

Taste+ utensils overlay virtual taste sensations on food and beverages while eating and drinking and enables people to experience digitally augmented taste sensations. To achieve this technology, weak and controlled electrical pulses are used on the tip of the tongue, while LED lights are used to change the color of utensils.

Tennino Cardboard Table Tennis
by Kickpack Singapore

Another innovative creation by Kickpack Singapore, Tennino is the world's first eco-friendly table tennis table!

Awarded the Bewegte Innovation quality seal, it is also made in Germany and patented worldwide.

The Tennino will be available for sale at FutureME 2016. Enjoy an event exclusive discount of up to 10%!

by TinyMOS

The Tiny1 is a small and powerful camera that is designed to deliver excellent image quality in low-light conditions. Currently in development, it will be available for crowdfunding in Q1 2016.

The Tiny1 has a social goal of mapping light pollution levels, to advocate for the preservation of dark skies for future generations to experience the cosmic landscape.

YI Action Camera
by ProPlus Singapore

Weighing just 76.6g, the YI action camera comes with a Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, allowing it to take high deifinition videos of up to 2k resolution and, still images of 16 megapixels. 
Paired with appropriate accessories, users are able to mount the camera in different positions and capture unique point of view footages. The YI action camera also allows live streaming and wireless control via a remote or smartphone, allowing users to edit and share videos and photos instantly


by, ZEISS VR One Distributor in Singapore/ Malaysia

The ZEISS VR One is a one-of-a-kind device allowing us to take our first steps in the world of virtual reality. Its lightweight design and 100% portability make it the perfect companion for videos, games and augmented reality.

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