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Dylan Soh

TEDx Singapore 2015 Speaker, Illustrator, Avid Questioner

At 10, Dylan gave his first TEDx on the future of urban farming. At 12, he gave his second to a standing ovation as the opening speaker. He also co-wrote and illustrated a heartfelt book, The Big Red Dot, about his hopes for his home Singapore and about the journey in life we all take as a child or as an adult.

For this forum, Dylan will remind us all about what our dreams and hopes were, and how we moved from a world of yes, to maybe, to no. Through The Big Red Dot, hopefully, we'll all rediscover our Future Mes again. But it is not all talk and no action. He will also unveil a new product that he helped develop that could make the world a better place.

How do you develop young Singaporeans to be incredibly confident, articulate, creative, resilient and to dream big? Dylan will reveal how simple it is so that every parent and child can work on it together.

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